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Bourne 5 Filming in Las Vegas Through February

Las Vegas EntertainmentThe Bourne film legacy is continuing in Las Vegas now through February 16th.

“Production of Bourne 5 will continue here through mid-February 2016, with lots of Las Vegas locations and local extras in the mix”

Please see  the details here at Vital Vegas..

Mainly las Vegas in our thoughts is just the perfect place for a Bourne type film.  Some of the locations in the mix are going to be the airport, downtown at the bus station at the Plaza and a car chase, where else, on the strip

Right now the film is hiring extras and filming in different locations.


Some of the scenes in the movie are going to require large numbers so if you are in town you might just want to see if you can get hired.Of course the biggest scene will be filmed on the Las Vegas strip.


Naturally they will be some filming in some strip hotels.  maybe one of the sequences in the car chase might end at the Rivera similar to the ending od=f Con Air at the Sands so many centuries ago.



Celebration of Chinese New Year 2016 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Travel Guide
Courtesy of Las Vegas Blog

2016 is a is the year of the Monkey in China, celebrated in Las Vegas by many of the hotels so here is your guide to some of the celebrations going on this year for the 2016 Chinese new year. The dates that celebration will take place is February 8 2 the 14th.

In China this is known as the “Spring Festival” and because it is this time of year sandwiched between the big game and Valentine’s Day it’s really going to be a big celebration. There will be multiple events in both the Linq Promenade and Caesar’s Palace.


Some of the festivities include Lion Dances, at this time the schedule calls for February 8 213 7 PM at the Linq Promenade. On February 12 they’ll be a Lion Dance at Caesars Palace at 5 PM, at 8 PM at the Linq hotel and just an hour later at 9 PM at The Cromwell. The most active day is going to be February 13 were there be a total of 5 performances beginning at noon at Planet Hollywood Resort, at Paris at 1 PM, 5 PM at Harrah’s concluding at Flamingo at 6 PM. Then on Valentine’s Day itself once again at the Linq Promenade at 2:30 PM and the final performance on February 17 at 7 PM at the Rio Suite hotel.
Actual opening ceremonies take place on February 9 including a ribbon covenant cutting ceremony, naturally a lion dance and concluding with his ceremony of a painting. Chinese people believe in setting the stage for good luck so they have a wishing tree lighting of that tree is included in the opening events and if you wish good luck all you need to do is tossed red ribbons into the Wishing Tree.

One of the cool things about this is that they’re going to be a lot of painting by the group guerrilla cages part of the District Artz on large canvases.
There’s also a demonstration by the Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and part of the show here is going to be food carvings and ice sculpting. On the cooking side to be a noodle pulling and suckling pig demonstration that will take place on February 12.

There’s other things taking place as well such as a dance for a cause a wedding ceremony naturally you will be able to purchase some Year of the Monkey merchandise and in addition there is going to be a song and dance troupe that will perform.
If you’re looking for more details on the events might check out the Las Vegas Blog for all of the action.
Over and Caesar’s Palace there will be illuminated Dragon display beginning January 5. On February 8 there will be a traditional Dragon Parade at the Forum Shops at Caesars.

Tasi Chin will perform at the Coliseum for one night on February 12.

Very cool part about all of this is that we get to share the culture of another country in a grand way. Las Vegas is continually celebrated the Chinese New Year. This year Caesar’s Entertainment is really going all out to bring the fun and the culture of China to Las Vegas, hope to see you there.

Some of the Best Attractions In Las Vegas


as Vegas AttractionsThere is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Las Vegas has some of the best attractions and things to do in almost every variety of activity you’re looking for. Everyone has favorite things to or do something they like to try these are some things that might just fit that criteria.
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Adventure Combat Ops

If you happen to be in action movie buff and always wanted to experience the thrill of being in the action then Adventure Combat Ops might just be your ticket. Here is where you get to experience explosions smoke filled streets and airstrikes. The smoke has an odor and you will smell after your adventure. You even get to encounter zombies here. Fortunately you’re not alone you will be led by someone who has actually been there. Let us not forget that you will also encounter zombies it was zombies are your thing this is your place. Prices vary for this adventure anywhere from $150-$250.




Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon


Q1 a really see the Grand Canyon up close and personal can you really need to take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Even though you might be a little nervous or maybe even white knuckled about doing this is just put that aside and do it anyway. Some was like having Grand Canyon to your own. It’s just you and the helicopter not groups of people trying to take the same photo. It certainly faster much more pleasant than a bus tour and more expensive as well. These tours cost between $250 and $375 and including tax.


Linq Promenade


Although this is relatively new to the area it offers you one place you can eat drink and be merry including sightseeing all at the same time. The centerpiece of the Linq Promenade is the high roller which happens to be 550 feet tall and at the moment is the highest observation wheel in the world. Here you can get ice cream or a hot dog and soon you’ll be enjoying Gordon Ramsay’s Fish and Chips there. Of course there is plenty of places to drink including O’Shea’s were a man playing blackjack 1 $5 million not too long ago. Prices are not inexpensive but food is good and it has a wonderful atmosphere when you go day or night. Our suggestion is if you do want to ride the high roller do it during the night.


Other Fun Things to Do

Blog.Vegas offers some more ideas on fun things to do in Las Vegas from people that live there.

Of course there’s other things to do as well such as the Bellagio fountains which is totally free and totally fun unless there’s some people shouting over the sound of the fountains in the music. And of course there’s always a helicopter ride down the strip at night which lasts about 12 to 15 minutes and costs about $150 per person of course that doesn’t include tax.


The bottom line here is that there is plenty to do in Las Vegas these are just some fun things that we’ve picked out but there’s many more we’re sure that you will find something that is to your liking and will give you the thrill of a lifetime.