Bourne 5 Filming in Las Vegas Through February

Las Vegas EntertainmentThe Bourne film legacy is continuing in Las Vegas now through February 16th.

“Production of Bourne 5 will continue here through mid-February 2016, with lots of Las Vegas locations and local extras in the mix”

Please see  the details here at Vital Vegas..

Mainly las Vegas in our thoughts is just the perfect place for a Bourne type film.  Some of the locations in the mix are going to be the airport, downtown at the bus station at the Plaza and a car chase, where else, on the strip

Right now the film is hiring extras and filming in different locations.


Some of the scenes in the movie are going to require large numbers so if you are in town you might just want to see if you can get hired.Of course the biggest scene will be filmed on the Las Vegas strip.


Naturally they will be some filming in some strip hotels.  maybe one of the sequences in the car chase might end at the Rivera similar to the ending od=f Con Air at the Sands so many centuries ago.