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Las Vegas attractions are varied and numerous.  History plays an important part in some Las Vegas attractions. The history of nuclear weapon testing and the story of the mob to the sinking of the Titanic. Moreover, there are traveling exhibits and art shows coming in all the time.

Las Vegas Attractions that are Free

There are a few attractions that are free to view.  The Bellagio Fountains and the Conservatory are on the must-see list.  The Mirage has a volcano.

Art Exhibits are at the Bellagio and some other hotels.  Both paintings and sculptures have a presence throughout Las Vegas.  Of course, the architecture of the hotels is a sight to behold.

No matter what you are interested in you can find an attraction in Las Vegas that is something you want to do!

The Best Way to Enjoy Rodeo Las Vegas 2017

MGM- Rodeo Las VegasAll roads of the rodeo lead to the Rodeo Las Vegas.  Better known as the National Rodeo Finals. The best of the best cowboys, cowgirls, and animals compete. The best way to enjoy Rodeo Las Vegas is to read up on what and where the functions you wish to attend.  Take that list and lay out a plan.

The majority of events listed below take place in the south part of the strip.  Yet, there are events both south and north of the main event.

The nice thing is many events besides the main event that is open to the public.

Rodeo Las Vegas –  Events

The Event goes from December 1, 2017, until December 16, 2017. From December 3rd to the 16th there are events each day at the Thomas & Mack Center where the competition is held.  Daily events are also held at the following locations.

  • Thomas & Mack Center – National Rodeo Finals Competition
  •   Las Vegas Convention Center – Cowboy Christmas
  •  South Point Arena –  Competition
  •  Mandalay Bay – Cowboy Gift Show
  •  Sands Expo – Country Christmas
  •  Orleans Hotel & Casino – Competition and Gold Card Gatherings
  • Gold Coast Bowling Center – Bowling Contest
  • Fashion Show Mall – Fashion Show and Hall of Fame Inductees
  •  MGM Conference Center – Miss Rodeo Pagent and Autograph parties
  • Gilley’s Saloon – Bull Riders Autograph Session
  • Harrah’s – I Love this Bar – Saddle Bronc Riders Autograph Session

For detailed information on the events and where they are held check out Wrangler NFR 9-5.

In the Evening there are fun parties and Gilley's - Rodeo Las Vegasevents to attend.  Below are some of the fun happenings during the rodeo.  Be sure to check out NFR After Dark for detailed information.

  • The Orleans – Live Entertainment and Balls
  • Silverton Casino – Cowboys and Indians Afterparty
  • Mirage – Rodeo Vegas 2017 – Nightly entertainment
  • MGM – Gold Buckle Show
  • Gilley’s Saloon – Nightly Drink Specials
  • Southpoint – Gala’s and Presentations
  • Tropicana -Dance Ball

Tropicana -Rodeo Las VegasAs you can see it is almost two weeks of breathtaking competition followed by many nights of joyous celebrations.  Here you can also have a place Christmas shop for the cowboy in your life.

Moreover, you can see the spirit of the American cowboy as it lives today.  So if you have any desire to discover what being and living the cowboy way attend this event.Whether you can only come for a day or two doesn’t really matter you will feel the excitement in the air.



5 Vegas Attractions You Will Find Fascinating

Fascinating Vegas AttractionsThese Vegas attractions you need to try!.Especially if you are seeking some excitement and thrills on your Las Vegas adventure. Each of these Vegas attractions has a unique feel and thrill component. They will get your adrenaline coursing through your veins!
First Vegas Attractions is Adventure Combat Ops

If you happen to be in action movie buff and always wanted to experience the thrill of being in action, then Adventure Combat Ops might just be your ticket. Here is where you get to experience explosions smoke-filled streets and airstrikes. The smoke has an odor, and you will smell after your adventure.

Seeking for an up close and personal zombie experience, well, you found it. You can opt for a zombie encounter that might be a little too real for comfort.

Fortunately, you’re not alone you will be led by someone who has been there. Prices vary for this adventure anywhere from $150-$250.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

Can you see the Grand Canyon up close and personal? The answer is yes! By taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Flying might make you a little nervous or maybe with a fear of heights. Don’t think about it, do it anyway. Some people commented that it is like having the Grand Canyon to yourself.

It’s just you and the helicopter. Not groups of people trying to take the same photo. It is indeed faster, more personal and more pleasant than a bus tour. These tours cost between $250 and $375 and including tax.


Vegas Attractions – High Roller


The High Roller located on the Linq promenade is a ride that will take you 550 feet above the desert floor. As of this writing, it is the tallest observation wheel in the world. Each pod holds up to 40 people, with 28 pods, it can hold over 1100 people.

The Linq promenade lies between The Linq and The Flamingo Hotels. Stores and eating establishments dot the landscape here featuring the High Roller!

You can now include a drink package with your trip on the High Roller. Which means you get to drink for the length of the ride, a half hour. If you have a fear of heights, the alcohol might help you relax.

Our suggestion is if you do want to ride the high roller do it during the night. You can take the ride during daylight hours, but you might see some not so pretty heights. Making the journey at sunset might be a blast too!


CSI Experience a true Vegas Attractions Mystery Experience

In the restaurant row section of the MGM on the way to the monorail, you will find the CSI experience. The experience is reminiscent of the popular TV series CSI.

You get to solve the murder of two people. The experience makes you feel like you are there, at a real crime scene. You get to follow the trail of evidence, form conclusions and even learn how to match DNA evidence.

To be honest, at times it feels real. If you ever thought you would be a good crime solver, then this would be a must do for you.


Vegas Attractions – Stratosphere Rides

Rides that will make your hair stand on end, located above a space needle at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. The complex is located just north of what is considered the Strip.

There are four rides on the top of the tower.
Big Shot – shoots you like a Top Gun pilot 160 ft above the 1194 ft Tower
Insanity – 900 feet up you spin 64 ft over the edge of the tower staring down at Las Vegas Blvd. S.
X-Scream – Shoots you 27 feet over the tower’s edge, hanging, looking down.
Skyjump – Open air plunge off the tower at 829 ft. Jump Day, Night or Sunset.

When you are seeking some thrill of Vegas attractions, the ones on this page could be a ton of fun. Not to mention quite a thrill from doing things from heights that are mind-boggling. Of course, there are other Vegas attractions that might be a lot of fun!