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Las Vegas hotel deals are present on the strip. Furthermore, you can stay downtown or on Boulder highway for hotel deals.

Staying at a hotel on the strip will offer more value and less cost when it comes to time and money.  If you are looking for the most excitement and action staying center strip might be the best.

Las Vegas Hotel Deals Locations

Sin City offers many deals on hotels, believe it or not, some right at the heart of the strip.  One such hotel is The Lync, offers the best prices for location and amenities.

Moreover, you might be seeking more luxury or opulence. You can find Las Vegas hotel deals with this type of hotel too!  You just will have to pay a little more, but it will be less costly than the full rate.  Usually booking a vacation package can give you a considerable discount. Check out the many savings you can find!

Excellent Las Vegas Hotel Deals In The Epic City

Las Vegas HotelsWe all know there are expensive Las Vegas Hotels.  There is a ton of deals on Vegas rooms all over Sin City including the strip!

Las Vegas Hotels – Cheap Hotels

Plenty of cheap hotels abound.   Even great prices on the strip.  Just east or west on the strip,  more discount rooms exist.

One such property is The Tuscany Suites. Just east of Bally’s hotel this place offers reasonable prices.  Many more cheap hotel rooms exist in the same area

Las Vegas Strip Hotel

As for good news, three Las Vegas hotels right on the strip are inexpensive compared to the other hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

The three hotels are Circus, Circus located on the North end of the strip.  The Linq which is a center strip location.  The Excalibur, on the South end of the strip, rounds out the Las Vegas hotels on the strip that is cheap to stay.

Las Vegas Hotels – Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Unlike other places, Vegas hotels some considered “best”, are actually in two categories.  With a casino and without a  casino.

Moreover, the vast majority of hotels considered in the “best” category come with casinos. Caesar’s Palace, The Cosmopolitan, Wynn Las Vegas are such hotels and many more.

However, the hotels without a casino would be the Mandarin Oriental, Nobu and The Four Seasons to name just a few.

Las Vegas Packages

The best deals you can find for Las Vegas usually come in the form of a package.  A package includes the airfare, hotel, and transportation.  Some will also include a show or other entertainment.

When it comes to transportation, in our experience it would be best to include a limo or take a taxi.  Yes, a shuttle service is available, but you can spend a long time riding instead of getting right to your hotel.