Guy Savoy Las Vegas Michelin Stars

Guy Savoy Las Vegas Michelin Stars

Guy Savoy Las Vegas Michelin Stars were awarded because of his food, ambiance, and service.  One of many Caesars Palace restaurants.  He has brought the influence of his famous Paris restaurant to Las Vegas. Also creating a romantic atmosphere for the patrons to enjoy.

For this restaurant, he has been awarded Two Michelin Stars.

This photo of Caesars Palace is courtesy of TripAdvisor his signature offerings, brioche feuillellée aux champignons et truffles is a rich delicious bread served with Chef Savoy’s signature artichoke and black truffle soup.

Prestige Tasting Menu is why Guy Savoy Las Vegas Michelin Stars Were Awarded

The above dish is part of the Prestige Tasting Menu.  This tasting menu has thirteen courses with an option for an additional course.

Seafood is featured on this menu includingGuy Savoy Las Vegas Michelin Stars Octopus, Salmon, Langoustine and Red Mullet.  other items on the menu include Veal Sweetbreads, Squab, and of course dessert.

The additional course is cheese and is offered at an additional price.

What makes Guy Savoy the Michelin awarded chef he is has to do with the fabulous flavor combinations.  Take the Langoustine Dashi, which is basically a small lobster cooked in a Japanese broth.  Served with a Hibiscus that offers a lemony tart flavor to the dish.  The dish is completed with some caviar.

Each course is loaded with this kind of flavor. The ratings are through the roof of this restaurant.  The vast majority of diners love the food and mention over and over how each bite, no matter how big or small, contains tons of flavor.

Service at Restaurant Guy Savoy

Here each member of the staff is focused on one thing, your pleasure, and satisfaction.  This is not just fabulous tasting food but also a dining experience.

Dress Code

Bring your suit along if you wish to dine here as the attire is formal.  When you bring your suit, you better bring your big wallet because this restaurant is listed as one of the 11 most expensive restaurants in the world.

Brioche by Guy Savoy

In addition. Savoy has another outlet serving sweet and savory brioche treats.  you can fill your brioche with Nutella & Banana for a sweet taste.  Otherwise, you could choose Proscuitto & Cheese for a savory taste.

Even peanut butter and jelly.  This is Brioche by Guy Savoy, also at Caesar’s Palace.

If you are seeking fabulous flavor Restaurant Guy Savoy is the right choice.  The prices are high but the rewards are lifetime memories.